Stock, Options & Futures Video Trading Course

Do You Want Learn to Make $100 or Even $1000 a Day Trading the Markets?

Do You Want a Second Source of Income?

Do You Want to Quit your Day Job and Trade Full Time?

Do You Want to Learn How to Trade Technical Analysis?

Do You Want to Learn how to Trade Options?

Stock, Options & Futures Video Trading Course

Are you afraid to either place a trade or just afraid of the stock markets in general? Do you want to sharpen your trading knowledge or learn new skills to make money in the markets? Than you need to get our easy to understand training and educational video trading course on how to trade Stocks, Options & the Futures Market with a learn at your own pace video course from the comfort of your own home. In our video trading course we go over 4 of our top trading strategies that you can use on a daily basis for both day and swing trading the stock market. You will also learn what Options are and how to trade them. Want to learn how to keep your trading emotions in-check? We will teach you about trading psychology that will keep you out of bad trades and to protect both your trading capitol along with your mental capital. Read below to learn more about what our video trading course includes.

Learn Stocks and Futures

You will learn the advantage and dis-advantages to trading stocks vs futures. Learn proper risk management and how to create a trade plan to make you a better trader. We also will teach you our top 4 Trading strategies to use in your everyday trading.

Learn To Trade Options

Based of my E-book “Learn To Trade Stock Options“, I will teach you everything from A – Z about what options are and how to trade them successfully in the markets. You will learn what calls and puts are and more advanced strategies like options spreads, iron condors, butterflies, strangles and more. You also will learn about the greeks and how volatility affects options. This section of the course is designed to learn options as easy as possible and on your own time. 

Give a man a TRADE and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to TRADE and you feed him for a lifetime

Learn Technical Analysis

Learn how to trade using technical analysis via charts. We will teach you our top 4 trading setup’s using and analyzing RSI Divergence, Fibonacci Retracements and Extension Levels, Support & Resistance and Market Profile trading. Using these 4 simple trading indicators / setup’s will help you to  successfully make money day after day in the markets.

Learn Trading Psychology

Most traders fail in trading because they can not master their emotions. Your emotions and psychology will determine if you are going to be successful in trading. In our “Master Your Trading Emotions” video course section you will learn how to master your emotions to see the markets without letting your emotions get in the way of your trading.

S&P Emini Futures Weekly Trade Zones

Get our Weekly S&P Emini Support and Resistance Zones, current Open Gap’s and (VPOC’s) Naked Virgin Points of Control Levels every weekend for the following trading week. These trading levels will help give you an edge in your trading of the S&P 500 Emini Futures

S&P Emini Trade Zones, Gaps & Naked VPOC's

S&P Emini Trade Zones

Support & Resistance Trading Zones for the S&P 500 Emini Futures.

Updated Every Weekend

Our trade zones are updated every Sunday by 6pm EST for the current trading week.

Open Gaps & VPOC's

You will get current open gaps and naked virgin points of control levels.

Less Work, More Money

We do all the reaserch and find the best trading levels we thing price will reverse at.

Do You Need Personal Coaching/Mentoring?

We Offer One-On-One Personalized Teaching via Online Webinar

One-On-One Trade Coaching

Do you need personal One-On-One training / coaching for anything stock, options or futures related? Maybe you need to become better at Technical Analysis or how to manage your stops and profits or even the psychology of trading? Well, you have come to the right place as I offer this personal coaching for only $25 per hour all done via online webinar in real time.

DayTradingFearless Team

Jason Ramus

Trader / Trading Educator/ Trading Mentor and Coach

Jason has been trading the Stock, Options & Futures Market for over 16 years and has taught 1000’s of Students around the world to become successful and profitable Traders.

Jason has been trading the S&P 500 Emini Futures for the past 12+ years as a Day Trader and Scalper. He also day and swing trades stocks and options.

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