DayTradingFearless Weekly Trade Zones & Video Course

S&P Emini Weekly Trade Zones + Trade Zone Video Course

Get my Weekly S&P Emini Support and Resistance Zones, current Open Gap’s and (VPOC’s) Naked Virgin Points of Control Levels every weekend for the following trading week. These trading levels will help give you an edge in your trading of the S&P 500 Emini Futures. I have been offering these Trade Zones for the past 7 years. Also you get access to a 2 hour training video course where I teach you how to draw and trade the Weekly Trade Zones and intra-day daily Trade Zones.

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S&P Emini Trade Zones

Support & Resistance Trading Zones for the S&P 500 Emini Futures & chart & TOS share link.

2 Hour Training Video Course

I teach you my secrets on how to draw the Weekly  & intra-day trade zones in this 2 hour video course.

Open Gaps & VPOC’s

You will get current open gap’s and naked virgin points of control levels with a chart & TOS share link.

Updated Every Weekend

My trade zones are updated every Sunday by 6pm EST for the current trading week.

$99 Lifetime Access To S&P Trade Zones & The Trade Zone Training Video Course